Chinese Panda Gold Coins

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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One of the most exciting and interesting gold coins to come out in decades is the Chinese panda gold coin. Originally released in 1982, the Chinese panda coins depicted a different version of the panda on the reverse side each year. As a result of the changes, the panda gold coin is extremely popular with collectors.

These very desirable collectible or investment coins are available online. You will find that the premium over the face value of these coins is relatively high. This is because of the collectible factor and the heavy demand for the coins. One of the reasons for the extraordinary interest in these coins is that so few of them are minted each year. In fact, in 1982, only 15,000 of the coins were produced. Today, those coins are selling at around $1,000 each.

Owning Chinese Panda Gold Coins

One asset to owning Chinese panda gold coins is that they are made of 24 Karat gold, and they come in a variety of weights. When they first came out, they were, like other gold coins, sold for only a small premium over their face value. Today, however, as noted above, the premiums are much higher. Whether you are interested in the coins as collectibles or as an investment, they are an excellent choice.

Coins minted between 1982 and 2000 are expected to experience significant increases in value. During those years, the coins all had a different version of the panda on the reverse. In 2001, however, that changed and the same panda now appears on the reverse each year. Made of .999 pure gold, the Chinese panda coins also have significant intrinsic value. Look for uncirculated coins, and shop around for great prices.

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