Gold Investment

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Gold is available from a wide variety of sources. You can buy gold at banks and brokerage firms all over the world, but you can also buy it through coin dealers and traders in precious metals. Gold can be purchased in bulk, or you can buy less than an ounce. There are strict international standards for the measure and quality of gold, so investors can be certain that their gold will meet appropriate standards and can be resold later.

When buying gold, you will need to know the definition of gold bullion. Bullion is gold that is at least 99.5% pure. It usually comes in bars, ingots, or wafers. A gold bullion coin is the legal tender of a country, and, as such, is worth the the current value gold bullion for the coin's actual weight. Generally, a gold bullion coin contains slightly less gold than the denomination of the coin indicates. This is because there is a small premium added to the gold's value to cover the cost of minting the coin.

Buying Gold Coins and Bars

Many gold investors are interested in the beauty of the gold as well as its value. Gold bullion coins are popular with investors because they are made of pure gold and they are legal tender, backed by the country that minted them. You can find the daily going rate for a one-ounce coin online, and you can also buy gold coins online.

Gold bars come in a huge range of weights, from one to 400 troy ounces, the latter of which is the size of the gold bar most people envision. Bars are a good gold investment because they are usually the most cost-efficient way to own gold. Bars are also the easiest to sell because they bear the logo of the refiner and can be easily recognized. One more bonus to buying gold bars is that commissions on the sales are generally very low.

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