Mexican Gold Peso

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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The answer to that question is fairly simple. Mexican 50 peso gold pieces consist of 1.2057 ounces of actual gold. They are the largest gold coins ever minted for circulation, and they are beautifully designed, some say comparable to the US St. Gaudens coins. These coins are becoming more and more popular as collectors recognize them for their beauty and value.

At the same time, because they are still not as well known as some US and European coins, they are very affordable and available to many collectors. While there have been far fewer Mexican gold coins minted, and they contain significantly more gold, they can still be purchased at similar prices to the US coins. This means that the buyer is getting more gold for the money and that can result in more intrinsic value to the coin.

Mexican Gold

From ancient times, the Aztecs treasured gold. Their sun god was connected to gold, and the artisans of the Empire worked gold into coins and artifacts that have lasted down through the ages. Mexican gold is brilliant yellow, like the Aztec sun, and Mexican artisans today have created exceptional designs that are reflected in Mexican gold pesos.

As with other gold bullion coins, the prices of Mexican pesos can fluctuate so that list prices on websites may not be available at all times. Vendors often offer discounted prices for the purchase of multiple coins. Make sure that all coins you buy are certified. Learn about coin collecting from any of a dozen tutorials to be found on gold coin websites. Compare the prices of Mexican gold pesos and any other gold bullion coins you would like to own.

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