Written by Kathleen Gagne
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The American Numismatic Society was founded in 1858. It is a non-profit publicly supported organization that operates a research museum. The society (ANS) is dedicated to the "collection and preservation of coins and medals, the investigation of matters connected therewith, and the popularization of the science of Numismatics" ( In order to advance the science of Numismatics, the society maintains an impressive numismatic collection and library. It also supports research and sponsors educational programs.

The ANS is currently located in New York City in the Audubon Terrace Cultural Complex at 155th Street and Broadway. There it houses a collection of approximately 750,000 coins and other related objects. This superior collection is significant enough to rival the largest state collections in Europe. It includes a substantial number of Ancient Greek and Roman coins, an Islamic and Far Eastern group, and, in the past four decades, has developed a Latin American collection.

How ANS Can Help You

The ANS maintains a huge library of information about collecting valuable rare coins. They also maintain a very informative website that contains pages describing member services and how to become a member. There is an FAQ page, and, in addition, there is specific information on all the types of coins they have in their collection.

They also offer several online resources dedicated to rare coins, and they have established a list of other numismatic websites of interest. The ANS Newsletter is published four times a year and contains information about coin collections all over the world, including museum exhibits. Many of the articles include photos. In addition to the Newsletter, the ANS also publishes a wide range of other information about coins. If your gold investment plans include gold coins, and if you love coins for their beauty as well as their value, you will definitely want to check out the ANS website.

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