Rare Coins

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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As part of a gold portfolio, rare coins make an excellent investment. Not only do rare coins made of precious metals increase in value due to market activity, but they also maintain their money value because they are backed by the country that minted them. And, to top it off, circumstances can arise that may make the coins rarer, and, again, they will gain in value.

If you are interested in learning about rare coins in depth, you can go to the American Numismatic Society's (ANS) website. They offer numerous publications about the history of rare coins and how to ensure that the coins you are buying are worth the amount you plan to pay for them. Many local libraries have sections about collecting rare coins, and you can even find books that will tell you if coins you may already have are worth more than their face value.

What Makes Rare Coins So Special?

In The Pleasure of Coin Collecting, by the Professional Numismatist Guild, Inc., the author states that "rare coins offer history you can hold in your hand, tangible reminders of yesteryear." Your gold coins more than likely have a story to tell, and, in some cases, you can discover that story with a little research. No other form of investing creates such a personal involvement as investing in rare coins.

Rare coins have another advantage over just about any other investment commodity; they are beautiful. Gold, for example, never tarnishes or rusts so, if you invest in gold coins that have lain at the bottom of the ocean for centuries, they will be as beautiful as the day they were minted. You can display rare coins in a way that you cannot display most other commodities. And, while you and your friends are enjoying the beauty of your coins, they just might be increasing in value.

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