401k Investments

Written by Jen Nichol
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We want our 401k investments to really work hard for us. As such, we want to ensure that our assets are invested for maximum effectiveness and return. There are a number of options for retirement investing that may not be incorporated into more traditional retirement plans, like real estate and private loan options.

A good self directed IRA advisor can help your retirement investing become more self-directed. Everyone wants to ensure that their retirement dollars are working hard to ensure a more secure future, and having more control over your 401k investments is a good way to stay on top of your retirement portfolio. A self-directed IRA, guided by a self directed IRA advisor, is a good way to start being a lot more involved in your retirement investment planning.

Find Active 401k Investments

There are IRA investing opportunities in land development and construction, tax liens, socially responsible investments, and covered calls, stocks and options. All of the investment opportunities that are available to investment professionals are also available to you and your retirement account. Asset protection and estate planning attorneys have developed ways for you to be in better control of your retirement account.

Your 401k investments can work just as hard as the rest of your portfolio. Just because it's called a retirement portfolio doesn't mean that it can't be as active as other investments! Taking control of your retirement, being involved in the decisions that shape your future, is a great idea, and is remarkably easy with the right account facilitator.

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