401k Rollover

Written by Jen Nichol
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A 401k rollover is an optimal time to reassess the assets in your retirement portfolio. Are they working as hard as they can be to provide you with the best retirement possible? Are they adequately diversified, and vested in more than just stocks and bonds?

A self directed IRA advisor can help you understand just how to incorporate such assets as real estate and other non-traditional investment options into your retirement account. Investors today now have many avenues for retirement account investment. You can invest for retirement in such diverse areas as businesses, land development, and covered calls, stocks, and options.

Your 401k Rollover Has Options

Paying attention to the assets in your retirement account will have a dramatic effect on the return of those investments. Retirement accounts can be just as dynamic as any other type of portfolio. The diversification in your retirement account will determine the quality of your retirement.

Self directed investing puts investors in greater control of their retirement accounts. A self directed IRA advisor can guide investors through a 401k rollover into self directed investment areas that have been expertly researched by asset protection and estate planning attorneys. When you put your 401k rollover into a self directed account, you can have all the expertise of investment and estate planning professionals to guide you to a more powerful retirement.

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