Individual 401k

Written by Jen Nichol
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Individual 401k funds can be leveraged to develop a more self-directed retirement account. There are a variety of ways to invest your retirement accounts that may not be available through traditional means. Options such as real estate and business loans are possible for retirement account investing, and create a more diversified account.

Create a Self-Directed Individual 401k

There is a wealth of opportunities for a more self-directed, dynamic, and market-responsive retirement account. You have more options than the traditional stocks and funds. A self directed IRA advisor can help you format a more balanced retirement portfolio.

A top-notch self directed IRA advisor, one who works closely with estate planning attorneys, can help you develop a more self-directed retirement account. You can invest your retirement account in more than just the traditional mutual funds, bonds, and stocks. You can take advantage of other investment opportunities to maximize the power of your retirement dollars.

Everyone should know exactly how their retirement accounts are performing, and be aware of other opportunities for diversification. A self directed IRA advisor is a good guide to a more self-directed retirement account, and better diversity of individual 401k funds. They have an eagle-eye view of every retirement investment option, and can help you develop your optimal portfolio.

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