Ira 401k

Written by Jen Nichol
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IRA 401k funds can be invested in more than just the traditional stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. Today, more and more people are seeking to exert greater control over their retirement accounts. We want to make sure that our retirement monies are working as hard for us as possible.

A self-directed retirement account gives us control over how our IRA assets are invested. There are venture capital, real estate, and stock trading opportunities that can help us diversify our retirement accounts. Our retirement portfolio can be as dynamic and self-directed as any of our other investments.

Explore Non-Traditional IRA 401k Investment Opportunities

There is a wealth of opportunities to create a more flexible retirement account. A self directed IRA advisor has all of the wisdom afforded by estate planning attorneys to help you develop a compliant and truly diversified retirement account. Having more control over our retirement accounts is a great way to ensure that we are leveraging our funds for maximum return.

Your IRA 401k funds don't have to stagnate. You can keep this portfolio as dynamic and active as any other investment account. Staying on top of market developments and opportunities is possible with the help of a quality self directed IRA advisor.

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