Real Estate Ira In Texas

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Texas has more real estate than any other state in the continental US. (Much of it is desert, however, and not prime investment territory--so look before you buy.) The real estate market is like any other market, there are booms and busts. The smart investor can weather the busts and make the most of the booms. Real estate is often considered a safer investment than stocks because property (like gold) will always have some intrinsic value.

The Texas real estate market has seen some hard times but has been trending steadily upward on the whole. Real estate is all about location, however. Even in soft markets there are pockets of increasing value. Similarly, in boom times, there are areas that are losing value. If you are considering buying real estate in Texas, you really need to consult with someone that knows the local markets and can guide you to the areas where growth is imminent.

If you invest wisely enough in real estate with funds from your IRA, you can possibly see incredible returns on the initial investment. Some investors see returns of 10 percent, some see 20 percent, some double their money or more. The trick is to find the right piece of property in the right location. Any investment carries risks but those risks can be known and can be minimized. Buy properties with the most potential at the lowest price.

Investing in Real Estate with IRA Funds

The trick with purchasing property with IRA funds is that all expenses must come out of the IRA. Your IRA must have enough free funds to pay for maintenance, repairs, and renovations. Failing to follow these rules can trigger steep penalties from the IRS and can ruin your possibilities for a healthy return on your investment. In addition to a good IRA advisor, you will need a good real estate agent and the time to do some serious homework.

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