Retirement Money

Written by Jen Nichol
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It behooves investors to know exactly how their retirement money is working for them. Too many people simply pay into their IRA or other retirement account, and assume that those assets are being perfectly managed for their needs. More and more people these days are deciding to take control of their retirement investments.

Not only can you take control of your own retirement portfolio, but there are more options than ever for retirement investing. In addition to the traditional stocks and mutual funds that most of us have in our retirement accounts, there are opportunities to invest in venture capital, real estate and land development, and stock trading. Investing has become more accessible to people in the past decade, and we have more choices than ever for retirement assets.

How Hard Is Our Retirement Money Working?

Your retirement funds are simply one section of your total portfolio. Just because they are labeled retirement funds does not mean that these assets have to be ultra-conservative and boring. There are flexible, dynamic options for today's retirement investors that can help to truly diversify and enliven your retirement account.

Your retirement money has the same earning power as your other investments. A self directed IRA can be as active as the rest of your portfolio. Everyone benefits from the right retirement planning, and a self directed IRA advisor can help you gain control over your retirement investing.

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