Retirement Portfolio

Written by Jen Nichol
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Your retirement portfolio will determine the quality of your retirement. Because investing is becoming more user-friendly, more and more people are looking to take control of their retirement investing. These funds should be working as hard as they can for the retirement we want, and now there are opportunities to create more self directed retirement accounts.

Your retirement portfolio is a valuable asset. Given the new options for retirement investing, these funds have the opportunity to be as dynamic and flexible as the assets in the rest of your total portfolio. Every person deserves to know exactly how hard their retirement dollars are working for them.

Energize Your Retirement Portfolio

Not all retirement accounts are equal. Too many of us simply pay into our 403b, our 401k, or our other retirement plans, and cross our fingers and hope for the best. We forget that this money is working for us, for our future, and we deserve to control how these funds are invested.

A qualified self directed IRA advisor can guide you to a self directed retirement portfolio. They have estate planning attorneys to help you stay compliant with IRS and other retirement investment guidelines. These funds are working for you, and now you have the resources to ensure that they are working to full capacity.

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