Bulletin Board Stocks

Written by Michael Federico
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The Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) is a regulated quotation service that gives people a chance to see last-sale prices and real-time quotes for OTC equity securities. These securities are not usually listed or traded on any national securities exchange or the NASDAQ.

The Penny Stock Reform Act of 1990 gave rise to the OTCBB. It was set up so a wide range of people would have access to quote and last-sale information. Starting in 1993, firms were required to report domestic OTC equity securities trades to an automatic transaction service within 90 seconds. This has made it possible for day traders and others to get information as quickly as those who trade through professional firms. This has helped to change the entire trading landscape. People have found that if they are willing to take the time to do the research, they can do very well trading on their own.

Getting Information on Bulletin Board Stocks

The OTCBB has information on over 3,000 securities. On top of that, the bulletin board also includes over 200 market makers. The amount of access the bulletin board provides gives people an opportunity to look into non-traditional trades, and it allows them to truly diversify their portfolios.

One of the keys to making informed trades is having up-to-date, accurate information. The real-time quotes one can get on bulletin board stocks are extremely important. However, the OTCBB also includes information on the prior day of trading and points out items of interest and indicators, making it easier for a person to gather a full picture of what is happening with specific bulletin board stocks.

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