Calendar Leaps

Written by Joy MacKay
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The stock market doesn't always rise as steadily as we would hope. In fact, it's very easy to get discouraged as an investor when you see the market take a dive. You have to remember that no decline lasts forever and eventually the market will always recover.

But how can you benefit from this natural cycle of the stock market? The answer is to profit by using calendar LEAPS. These are long-term stock options with expiration dates that occur up to three years into the future.

These calendar LEAPS preserve capital and reduce your risk while generating cash. LEAPS enable you to make money, even when the market is flat or down-turned. The key is that you don't actually pay the full cost for the stock and therefore are not taking on the full risk in case of a drop in the market.

Calendar LEAPS Online

You can find quality information on the specifics of calendar LEAPS trading online. There are many reliable sites that can offer you the hot tips and advice you need. Get started searching today and venture into the profitable world of calendar LEAPS.

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