Eurex Trading

Written by Jacey Harmon
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The Eurex exchange is the leading exchange for European derivatives trading. The exchange is a joint venture between Deutshe Borse AG and SWX Swiss Exchange created in 1996. The exchange trades solely European derivatives such as futures and options on European bonds and equity indexes. The exchange offers electronic trading and access for traders around the globe. There are currently 700 locations connected to the Eurex market world wide.

The Eurex exchange trades European based futures and options contracts. It is the electronic exchange for Euro bonds and over the counter for cash and derivatives of German Federal Bonds. The exchange also electronically trades repos, which are agreements for sale or repurchase. In 1999 the Eurex was the world's largest derivatives exchange with 379 million contracts traded.

Contracts Traded on the Eurex Exchange

The Eurex offers fixed income futures on a variety of bonds and indexes. The Eurex's benchmark contract, the Euro Bond Future, is considered to be the benchmark for European yield curve. The exchange also trades German bond futures covering the yield curve from the one month to 30 year length. Swiss bond futures are traded on the Eurex with the yield curve ranging from eight to 13 years.

Several blue chip European equity index futures are provided on the Eurex exchange. German, Swiss, Finish, European and global indexes like the Dax all have derivatives traded on the Eurex market. The Eurex also offers futures on Dow Jones Stoxx 50, Dow Jones Global Titans 50 as well as the Dow Jones 600 and Dow Jones Euro Stoxx indexes. Options and futures are available for a wide variety of different market sectors ranging from food and beverage to automobiles to insurance. The wide selection of equity futures and options allow for a great variety of trading choices for traders.

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