Nasdaq 100

Written by Joy MacKay
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So perhaps you have successfully traded individual stocks. Maybe you've even begun to make enough money that now you are looking to increase your investments. Or perhaps you haven't had much luck with the recent market and are looking for a more reliable and safer way to trade.

NASDAQ 100 Trading

One of the best and most profitable ways to trade stocks is to trade on the entire index. For example, if you trade on the NASDAQ 100, you will be trading on the upward or downward movement of the entire NASDAQ 100 stocks. The NASDAQ 100 is comprised of the best performing and most stable NASDAQ stocks which perform as indicators for the rest of the market.

The best part of trading on the NASDAQ 100 is that you can benefit from both bull and bear markets. Conversely, if you were to only invest in individual stocks, you rely heavily on that particular stock's performance as well as market trends.

However, there is more to trading on the index than simply guessing market movement. You will need a strong strategy for trading and will need to consistently act on that strategy. Find advice on option strategies that are right for you and find one that's applicable to your current portfolio.

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