Nasdaq Stocks

Written by Michael Federico
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NASDAQ stocks are extremely tech heavy. Not all items traded on the NASDAQ are from technology companies, but those are the companies that definitely put the NASDAQ on the map. The tech boom actually led other industries to seek out the market. Each year, more people are discovering the NASDAQ, and companies are realizing that it is as viable a market as the major securities exchanges. There are now over 600 securities dealers trading over 15,000 issues on the NASDAQ.

Originally, the NASDAQ started as an electronic quotation system for the OTC. However, it now functions as both a stock quote service and stock market. Its electronic nature has held strong, though. People can trade easily on the NASDAQ via computer from pretty much anywhere in the world.

Differences between the NASDAQ and the NYSE

The fact that different types of companies are generally listed on the NASDAQ is not the only thing that separates it from the NYSE. The NYSE functions as an auction market. People generally try to buy shares for as little as possible and sell shares for as much as possible. NASDAQ dealers actually compete to post the best quotes.

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