Nyse Stocks

Written by Michael Federico
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The NYSE is the largest securities exchange in the United States. Located on Wall St., the NYSE has become synonymous with the stock market in this country. While trading occurs across the country in places like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, it is the NYSE that most people look to in order to get a feel for what is going on with the economy.

NYSE stocks are traded on almost every type of company out there. In fact, there are stocks traded on the NYSE from American businesses that have been in existence for almost as long as the country itself. This sense of tradition has actually caused many to view the NYSE as antiquated, while they see exchanges like the NASDAQ as the future of trading.

The History of NYSE Stocks

When the U.S. was in its infancy, most investments revolved around land. People in rural areas did not generally have many other assets. However, there were a few wealthier people in the large cities that had securities. They began to trade in coffee shops, and eventually the practice of trading grew to involve more and more people.

1792 was the first time that the beginnings of the NYSE could be seen. There were only five securities being traded, along with a couple of bank stocks and three government bonds. In 1817, the NYSE & Exchange Board was formed, and trading became more regulated. The market has grown and rules have changed, but many of the same principals that were established in the beginning remain today.

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