Online Stock Quotes

Written by Michael Federico
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Having access to real-time stock quotes is one of the most important things for an online trader. Without accurate information, it is almost impossible for an individual investor to find success on the market. Receiving quotes on a system that has a lag time of even a few minutes can be damaging to a trade. Stock prices can change rapidly, and quote delays can end up costing a person a lot of money.

When online trading first became popular, one of the biggest problems people faced was a slow quote system. Some sites had lag times of up to twenty minutes. This left traders at the mercy of the site, and it led many people in the financial industry to write online trading off all together. However, technology and software have improved, and many sites now provide users with quotes in the same amount of time that professionals get them. This has helped to make online investing a viable option for even the most serious traders, and it has caused many of the largest brokerage firms to take notice.

Online Stock Quotes for Different Exchanges

There are still several online trading sites that have limited options for their members. A person can purchase stocks that trade on the NYSE, but they cannot enter into other exchanges. These sites will not usually even provide quotes for stocks or other assets that are being traded on different exchanges.

The best online brokers allow a person to trade on a number of different exchanges. People can trade on the NYSE, the NASDAQ, the Forex, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and more. Also, purchases are not limited to stocks. People can trade bonds, futures, and even e-minis. The quote systems for these websites are comprehensive, including information on all of the major domestic and foreign exchanges.

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