Stock Trading

Written by Michael Federico
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Stock trading took on almost mythic proportions in the 1980s. Gordon Gecko became a hero to people across the country and "greed is good" became a mantra of sorts. People viewed the stock market as their ticket to wealth and all of the perks that come with it. Almost every aspect of American popular culture was affected by stock trading. Cars, clothes, and music all seemed to reflect the nation's obsession with gambling and coming up big on Wall St.

The '80s passed and things changed. People saw that the stock market would not always be strong (a lesson that seems to have to be learned over and over again), and they saw that the simple act of buying a few shares of stock would not necessarily generate millions. Stock trading has changed drastically in the last 10 to 15 years. There are still high rollers and large investment firms, but "regular" people have found a cheaper, simpler, and less risky way to play the stock market.

Online Stock Trading

Many people are baffled by stock brokers. They do not understand why someone would give large sums of his money to another person to essentially gamble with. These doubters realize that brokers are privy to research and that they study trends in the market, but they feel as though they can do the same thing while spending less money and retaining some control over the situation. In many cases, they are absolutely right.

A number of individual investors have done very well with online trading. These sites give people access to many of the same materials that brokers use to determine their trades. Also, the sites cost very little when compared to what it costs to invest with a professional firm. There is risk involved when trading stocks, so it is not something one should rush into. Trading successfully online requires time and effort on the part of the investor. Most, even the imaginary Gordon Gecko, would probably say it takes a bit of luck, as well.

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