Stock Trading Services

Written by Michael Federico
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Stock trading services continue to expand. Many brokers and investment firms now offer their clients the option of trading on markets the world over. In the past, most new investors simply traded stocks on the NYSE. Now they can buy and sell on the NASDAQ, FOREX, OTCBB, and almost anywhere else where stocks are traded.

Many firms also give people the chance to invest in mutual funds and trade commodities and futures. Places that formerly only handled stock trades now have standard and Roth IRA programs, as well. The expansion in services has caused many firms to raise their fees and minimum investments. This has driven many people to seek out stock trading services on the Internet.

Affordable Stock Trading Services

Many people cannot afford the fees required to invest with large investment firms. There are trading websites that do not require an initial registration fee. Instead, they charge per trade. Some trade fees are only $9 to $10 with online stock trading services. Unlike most brokerage firms, many internet sites only charge a person for services they are using. If a person only wants to deal in domestic markets, he will not be charged extra because he has the option of trading on foreign markets.

Many people who can afford to use brokers or investment firms choose to trade online because they believe they have more control over the trades they are making. While a broker will usually discuss trades with clients, often the client is ultimately not the one deciding where to invest. When trading online, the investor can do his own research and find stocks that he is interested in trading.

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