Injury Settlements

Written by Michael Federico
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Injury settlements seem a bit suspicious to a lot of Americans. This is due to the fact that the number of injury lawyers advertising on TV seems to increase exponentially each month. Many of these lawyers are not even board certified, giving the impression that acquiring an injury settlement does not necessarily take a lawyer who is well versed in the law.

The belief that all injury settlements are illegitimate is, of course, nothing more than a generalization. Most injury cases, whether they are work or accident related, have as much reason to be brought to court as any other case. Unfortunately, as legal commercials continue to flood late night TV and people continue to file frivolous lawsuits, it is becoming more difficult for those who truly deserve it to receive substantial injury settlements.

Structured Injury Settlements

Many people who do receive injury settlements receive them in a structured form. This means that they do not get the total settlement upfront. Instead, they get regularly scheduled payments over a specific amount of time. The length of time a structured settlement lasts varies, but many take place over several years.

If a person is not benefiting from regular payments, he can sell some of them to a settlement broker. The broker can buy a number of future payments. Of course, the rate will not be dollar for dollar, but the recipient of the injury settlement would be able to receive more of the total payment in a shorter period of time.

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