Purchase Structured Settlements

Written by Michael Federico
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The purchase of structured settlements is a practice handled by several different types of companies. There are settlement brokers that specifically deal with these types of purchases. They will buy future payments on any type of annuity. There are also large investment firms that buy structured settlements. However, it is not generally the main focus of the organization, so the services they provide for sellers may be limited. There are companies that will give loans based on structural settlements. These companies usually work with lottery winners and beneficiaries of wills and estates.

The fact that there are so many companies that buy structured settlement payments gives sellers a wide range of rates to choose from. However, the growth of the industry has given rise to a number of companies that do not handle the purchasing process professionally or even ethically in many cases. The amount of money at stake in a structural settlement sale can be extremely large. The seller is vulnerable and can end up losing a lot of money in the deal if he is not careful.

Getting Good Rates on the Purchase of Structured Settlements

For a long time, companies could get away with offering sellers low rates, because most of the competition was doing the same thing. Also, free quotes were difficult to come by. Doing research on a company's past transactions could take a very long time, and often there was not much distinction between buyers.

There are now companies that offer fair rates on structural payments. They work only with settlement sellers, so they are not trying to fund other operations with their sales. These companies work with sellers like a good mortgage broker, finding a deal that will actually help the seller instead of one that will simply make them money.

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