Sell Structured Settlement Payments

Written by Michael Federico
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Selling structural settlement payments is not as difficult as many people believe. There are independent buyers, investment firms, and settlement brokers that can work with people throughout the country. Quotes can be received from some companies within minutes, so a person can quickly figure out where he can get the best rates for his settlement payments.

An annuitant who receives structural settlement payments for any reason cannot sell off future money on his own. He and the buyer must have the sale approved by a court order. This is a federal law and many states have passed similar statutes, as well. However, if both the seller and buyer have agreed to the terms of the sale beforehand and the payments are guaranteed by a credible company, court approval can come relatively fast. The seller can receive money for his future payments just weeks after the sale goes through.

Making Money from Future Structural Settlement Payments

Most people recognize that they will lose some money when selling structural settlement payments. They are basically willing to give up money in the future in return for getting a large payment in the present. However, finding a buyer who offers high rates and holding onto the majority of the settlement payments can greatly reduce the overall loss for the seller.

Many people actually sell off payments to make money. They take the lump sum they receive and put into investment properties that, in some cases, can turn a profit in a very short time. Others use the money to start their own businesses. While the turnaround is not usually as fast on businesses as it is on properties, many people still end up making far more money than they would have from the structural settlement. It is important to note, however, that future payments are guaranteed, but sometimes even the best properties don't make their owners money.

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