College Financial Aid

Written by Mark Sanfilippo
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It is a known fact that college tuition rates are increasing at a phenomenal pace. Cost of tuition is becoming an even greater barrier to college attendance than grade point average. Even state schools, who traditionally offer significant discounts to in-state students, are increasing their tuition rates to the point that they are effectively excluding many of the very students that state schools were meant to help out.

Despite the ever-rising costs of college tuition, there are now more ways than ever to obtain the funds necessary to attend college. There are a great number of scholarships available, as well as some fantastic loan programs. Finding the proper financial aid for your specific situation can be difficult, however, and it will certainly involve a lot of research on your part.

In terms of scholarships most are either academically based or student profile based. Academically based scholarships are essentially based on who has the best grades, most outstanding extracurricular performance, etc. Student profile based scholarships offer a lot more opportunities for students who have attributes other than high GPAs. These types of scholarship,s for example, might be granted to specific minorities or specific demographics.

Loans Are a Great Source of Financial Aid

With these greatly increased costs of tuition, it is becoming ever more unlikely that a student can have their tuition costs completely covered by a scholarship. Loans, either Federal or private, can be a great way to make up the difference. There are a number of loan programs that have competitive interest rates and flexible payment schedules. When looking for a loan, you may want to make sure and speak with a loan representative. A good loan company will be happy to answer any and all questions you might have about payback, forbearance and deferment.

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