Federal Student Loan Consolidation

Written by Nicole Madison
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Most federal student loans are eligible for consolidation. Loans eligible for federal student loan consolidation include the Federal Stafford Loan, Federal Direct Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, Health Professions Student Loan, Nursing Student Loan, Federally Insured Student Loan, Auxiliary Loan to Assist Students, Federal Supplemental Loan for Students, National Direct Student Loan, Health Education Assistance Loan, Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students, and the Loan for Disadvantaged Students.

Federal Student Loan Consolidation Eligibility

Your federal student loan consolidation cannot include any non-federal loans. Non-federal student loans acquired from a bank, credit union, or other financial institution cannot be included in your federal student loan consolidation. Also ineligible for federal student loan consolidation are loans obtained from friends or family members, loans from the college or university you attended, and consumer loans from a bank or other type of financial institution.

One type of federal loan, the Federal Primary Care Loan, is not eligible for consolidation. This loan program offers low cost federal student loans to medical students. To obtain a Federal Primary Care Loan, medical students must agree to enter a residency-training program in one of the categories of primary medicine, complete their residency training programs within four years of graduating, and practice in a primary health care field until the loan is completely repaid.

The Federal Perkins loan is eligible for federal student loan consolidation. However, there are cases in which it would not be advantageous to consolidate a Perkins loan. Perkins Loans offer forgiveness if you choose to work in certain jobs or careers after leaving college. If you choose to consolidate, your Perkins Loan cannot be forgiven even if you decide to enter one of the specified career fields. For this reason, it makes sense to take some extra time and care when you are considering consolidating a Perkins Loan.

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