No Credit Check Student Loans

Written by Nicole Madison
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There are many lenders that offer "no credit check" student loans, including consolidation loans. "No credit check" consolidation loans offer the borrower a way to apply to save money and lower monthly payments, without the need for credit approval. Borrowers must simply meet a few eligibility requirements to be approved for a consolidation loan.

Applying For No Credit Check Student Loans

Federal Consolidation Loans do not require a credit check. However, when it comes to Direct Loan consolidations, Plus loan consolidations are subject to credit approval. Being able to borrow, in most cases, without being required to pass a credit check makes obtaining a consolidation loan that much easier.

Each type of student consolidation loan program has its own set of eligibility requirements. These requirements generally include loan status requirements, types of loans accepted, and having a minimum total dollar amount of underlying loans. Review loan requirements before you apply.

To take advantage of low interest rates, you may want to consolidate before you graduate or leave college. Depending on the type of consolidation loan program in question, there will be a specific set of requirements to consolidate while you are still enrolled in school. It is best to time your student loan consolidation wisely since you can usually only consolidate your student loans once. This means if interest rates drop after you have consolidated your loans, you cannot consolidate again to take advantage of the lower interest rate. However, if you go back to school and acquire a new eligible loan or realize you omitted an eligible loan from your first consolidation, you may be able to consolidate again.

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