Aluminum Wine Totes

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Aluminum wine totes are so slick looking. I think aluminum wine totes are wonderfully masculine, although I do have a girlfriend who swears by her aluminum tote. To me, it's a modern, clean, and masculine look--very metrosexual! Guys who come to the party with aluminum wine totes and vintage bottles in tow exude success and sophistication.

Aluminum Wine Totes versus Leather Wine Totes

Of course, I'm also a sucker for the old-fashioned leather tote. I think there's something very warm and relaxed about good wine. To me, leather and wine are like brandy and cigars--they just fit. Perhaps aluminum is the perfect choice for the modern crowd, and leather is better suited for traditionalists like me.

Then again, sometimes I like to break with tradition. One of my favorite wine gifts to give are these funky neoprene wine carriers. Neoprene is that spongy material they use to make wetsuits. I've found these unbelievable wine totes made out of neoprene that are very affordable. I give them out as gifts all the time now.

I like having a stash of decent wine and neoprene wine bags on hand. I usually have about five of each. I just keep them in my closet, and if an event suddenly comes up, I've got an instant gift. I cannot tell you how many times this has helped me out of a jam.

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