Beer Brewing Starter Kits

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Beer brewing starter kits are not just popular among Wall Street losers, recent divorcees, fraternity boys, and those with simply too much yeast on their hands. The '90s ushered in a heightened interest in home beer brewing thanks to a renaissance in the microbrew industry, which gave beer drinkers rows upon rows of plump weasels, fat lions, and a host of other pale or ornery animals on their grocery store shelves. The plumper and more ornery the beast, the higher the price tag slapped on by the bottler.

Once the novelty of freaky fauna wore off, many beer drinkers decided it couldn't possibly be that hard to concoct similar recipes of their own. After all, they'd mastered hydroponic gardening and made a killing at that. Moreover, if the first hominids were bright enough to discover fermentation, surely a highly evolved creature such as (then) 20th-century man could improve the process. From this philosophy, home beer brewing made a stunning return to prominence.

The Contents of Beer Brewing Starter Kits

Many first-time home brewers are dismayed to learn that inside their beer brewing starter kits there are no functional miniature models of the Anheuser-Busch plant. Home brewing actually does require a fair bit of planning, organization, and artistry, qualities that football fans aren't necessarily known for. However, if you can remember every starter and reserve on the 1972 Miami Dolphins team, you can probably make sense as well of your fermentation unit, siphon, sanitizer kit, capping machine, and hydrometer.

Additionally, you'll find some form of floating thermometer, bottle filler, and racking cane, not to mention a labeler and instruction kit to go with it. Not all beer brewing starter kits are the same, so your final product is likely to vary from batch to batch. Rest assured, though, that the result of consuming that product will be predictably similar each time you brew.

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