Beer Making Kits

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Beer making kits are a fine addition to any beer lover's kitchen as well as a great gift for the "lagerheads" in your life. A fully self-contained beer making package can be had for well under a hundred bucks and still give you a full education on homemade brews. For experienced brewers, there are more advanced kits, many of which come with their own vats and boilers. These kits cost a bit more. If you are a beginner, a starter kit should suffice.

Most beer making kits offer five gallons to start. This takes about three or four hours to brew, then an additional few weeks to ferment. It's during this "waiting" period that the yeast in your brew will finish devouring the glucose brought out in the malted barley. These sugars are made available thanks to the help of enzymes that speed along the conversion process, known as saccharification.

Different Beer Making Kits

Starter beer making kits will contain all the basics you need to get going including fermenters, air locks, bottle cappers, and brushes. More advanced kits may provide you with a secondary fermenter, which can add clarity to your mix by straining out all the sediment contained in the primary fermenter. Some beer drinkers find that this doesn't have a noticeable affect on taste, even if it does improve the color.

There are other advantages of buying a more advanced kit such as better cleaning and drying equipment. The cleanliness of your boilers and storage vats can impact the taste of your product, so if you consider yourself a beer snob, you may appreciate this added control. For most novices, however, the basic home brewing equipment is enough to do the trick, and at a more reasonable price.

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