Built Ny Wine Totes

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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I love Built NY wine totes. I started carrying Built NY wine totes when I was living in New York, coincidentally. My friends and I loved eating down on 6th Street because you could find delicious, inexpensive Indian food. 6th Street was filled with dozens of Indian restaurants, most of which were BYO.

One of our group started bringing her wine bottle in this fabulous neoprene tote. Neoprene is the material used to make scuba suits. It's spongy and funky and just perfect for carrying wine. Think about it--neoprene insulates, meaning your wine stays at the perfect temperature. It's spongy, so it keeps the bottles from clinking. Plus, it's lightweight. Soon, we were all carrying neoprene Built NY wine totes.

Built NY Wine Totes as Wine Gifts

These totes also make great gifts. They're very inexpensive but very impressive--the perfect formula for gift giving! I find that when I give someone a bottle of wine as a gift, it gets a fairly neutral reaction. When I give a bottle in a neoprene tote, it always gets a great reaction.

Insulated wine carriers are ideally suited for BYO restaurants, parties, picnics, and concerts in the park. They keep your bottle the correct temperature, and they make carrying much more comfortable. You never have to feel self-conscious carrying one of these totes, the way you might if you were just carrying a bottle.

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