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Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Portugal has long been associated with two delightful dessert wines, Madeira and Port. These two rich, sweet wines have been popular for literally hundreds of years. Madeira is even mentioned in the movie, Gone With the Wind, as being an especial treat, served by Aunt Pitty Pat when Scarlett came down to Atlanta to visit.

Because of its richness and complexity, Port is usually exclusively reserved for use as an after-dinner wine. But Port can also pack dramatic punch when paired with certain foods. It's reputed to pair wonderfully with foie gras and hard, flavorful cheeses as an appetizer. Many say it's also a nice accompaniment to Pepper Steak, Smoked Ham, Duck and some Risottos.

Similarly, Madeira is naturally excellent with desserts--particularly chocolate fondue--but also is nicely paired with some cheeses. Another advantage of Madeira is its increased alcohol content, which gives it a longer life within the bottle. Madeira is also often used in cooking because of its strong flavor.

Port, Madeira, and Charming Table Wines

But Port and Madeira are not the only wines for which Portugal is currently being talked about. Recent developments and modernizations in their industry are leading to the release of wines referred to as being full bodied and full of character. Their reds in particular are no longer being referred to as "dull," as was the case for years and years, but rather as being robust and earthy. Their whites, too, are now said to be refreshing and lightly fruity. It's considered within the industry that Portuguese wines now show great promise, and are worthy of investigating once again.

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