Canvas Wine Totes

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Canvas wine totes do some of what a wine tote should. Canvas wine totes free up your hands. They also allow you to take wine anywhere, whether that means running errands, riding the subway, or leaving work to head to a party. Unfortunately, most canvas wine totes do not insulate, which is one of the most important things wine carriers should do.

Canvas Wine Totes versus Insulated Wine Totes

There are many forms of insulated wine carriers. Some of these wine bags are made of neoprene. Neoprene is the same spongy material used to make scuba diving wetsuits. Neoprene helps keep bottles from clinking against one another, while it helps keep whites and champagnes chilled, and reds room temperature, even in the cold outdoors.

Other wine carriers are made of leather. They have insulated interiors, with beautiful leather exteriors. They include separating dividers, so bottles don't clink against one another.

Aluminum wine carriers are also exceptionally practical. These attractive totes keep wine insulated and protected, in a very attractive manner. I personally believe that any one of these totes is superior to a non-insulating canvas wine tote.

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