Clink Proof Wine Totes

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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I keep a bunch of clink proof wine totes at home, as well as five or so bottles of decent wine. It's my stockpile of gifts, so that I never have to go to a party empty handed. If I get invited to a party at the last minute, or if the day gets away from me and I find that I still haven't bought a gift yet when it's time to shower up and leave, I throw one of the bottles into one of the clink proof wine totes for an instant gift.

When I hand these totes to people, they're taken aback. That's because the clink proof wine totes are made of neoprene, the same material used for divers' wetsuits. They're the funkiest wine gifts I have ever given, but people seem to love them.

Clink Proof Wine Totes for BYO Restaurants

I use the tote myself, and I adore it. My favorite way to use the wine toast is to visit a BYO restaurant. Some of my favorite cafes don't have liquor licenses, but they encourage patrons to bring their own bottles. I take them up on their offer!

If I just have the wine bottle in my hand, it becomes very cumbersome, very quickly. I don't feel comfortable window shopping or taking a stroll before heading into the restaurant, because I've got a wine bottle in my hand. The tote comes with a handle, so it's just the easiest, most unobtrusive way to keep the wine chilled, and in hand.

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