English Picnic Baskets

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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I think English picnic baskets are just about the most romantic thing in the world. Real English picnic baskets are different from the kind you might have seen at your local housewares store. I'm not talking about picnic baskets with plastic plates and a vinyl lining. I'm talking about English picnic baskets with Italian plates, cloth napkins, stainless steel cutlery, wooden cheese services, and the like.

Finding English Picnic Baskets Online

The thing about these baskets is they cost money. You aren't going to find reed willow baskets with leather straps and all the accoutrements for next to nothing. If you buy them over the Internet, however, you can save a lot. The Internet is hands down my favorite place to shop because the competition is fierce, so the prices are low.

Beyond picnic baskets, I also really like picnic backpacks. They might not be as romantic as a basket, but they are often a lot more practical! If you like hiking, this might be the right item for you. Strap it to your back and take it up a mountain, or deep into the forest to that perfect, hidden pond.

Open it up, and out of the backpack comes a full meal for two--or even four! Some of these backpacks come with blankets, wine service, room for food for four, and all the accessories. Some of them even come with real silver and porcelain flatware, as well as cloth napkins.

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