Everstar Wine Coolers

Written by Linda Alexander
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In order to store wine properly, you need to keep it under very specific conditions. It should be stored horizontally, to keep the cork moist and keep the seal tight. The temperature, amount of vibration, light, and humidity must also be carefully controlled. Your wine cellar does not have to be in a basement and in fact not many basements in the U.S. have ideal conditions. Therefore, if you are serious about collecting wine, you should invest in a wine cooler such as those made by Everstar.

Aging Wine Properly in a Wine Cooler

Aging is an essential part of getting the best out of your wine; however, it only works if the wine is stored under perfect conditions. Individual wines have different aging times, depending on the area where they are made and the grapes used in them. To mature properly, wine needs a constant temperature all year round. Experts recommend that you chill red wine between 55-60°F, white wine between 49-56°F, and rose between 49-51°F.

Another reason to purchase a wine cooler is to protect your wines from vibration. Vibrating, even for a few hours a day, can seriously damage the wine, causing sedimentation and perhaps loosening the seal. Even your washer or dryer, refrigerator, or nearby roads can affect your wine’s flavor. There are over 1,000 components in a typical wine and if any of these are disturbed it can alter the flavors and aromas as well as the aging process. Any quality wine cooler will offer protection against vibration.

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun destroys tannins, also killing your wine. That is why quality wine coolers have doors which filter UV light from the wine. The glass of most wine bottles today also offers protection, but you can never have too much. Finally, humidity needs to be kept around 70 percent to prevent drying and evaporation. Too much humidity will disturb the label, cause mold growth, and destroy the cork, affecting the wine’s flavor.

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