Expensive Cognac

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Who would ever have thought that expensive cognac would owe so much to the world of popular music? Hip hop has almost single-handedly introduced an entire generation of young people to expensive cognac. American twenty-somethings continue to order fine cognac in ever-increasing numbers.

Expensive Cognac and the Finer Things in Life

Expensive cognac is embraced by hip hop culture for the same reason it has been embraced by the elite for centuries. Cognac is simply one of the finer things in life. It is certainly one of the most complex and sophisticated beverages.

Cognac hails from a small area of the same name in France, just north of the Bordeaux region. Cognac, like wine, is made from grapes. However, cognac is actually a type of brandy--a distilled spirit, rather than a strictly fermented one.

Great cognac should be sipped slowly. It is usually served after meals, but is lovely on its own, as well. Sip with attention to experience the unfolding aromas and flavors of this fascinating, complex, and beloved spirit.

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