Fine Brandy

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Fine brandy should be sipped slowly, and with attention. Fine brandy and its finest representation, cognac, take a great deal of time to develop. These are not easy alcoholic beverages to produce. Fine brandy is distilled from grapes, at least twice, but often three times or more.

This distillation is then aged for a minimum of three years. The brandy can, in fact, be aged for more than 50 years! The spirit is aged in oak, during which time it gains its amber color and delicate flavor.

Sipping Fine Brandy

Like premium blue agave tequila or single malt scotch, brandy is best enjoyed by itself. Although brandy can be used to make mixed drinks, it really stands out when it is served naked in a snifter. The snifter allows one to enjoy the fine aroma of the beverage.

The snifter also helps release the vapors and aroma, because the hand which holds the snifter warms the liquid. Brandy is best drunk at room temperature, if not slightly warmed. It is excellent as an after dinner drink, although it can be enjoyed by itself.

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