Flavored Tequila

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Flavored tequila is a bit of a controversial subject. Here in the United States, flavored tequilas have been eagerly embraced by restaurants and bars alike. Many Mexican restaurants entice customers into ordering their margaritas by proudly displaying flavorful watermelon tequilas, strawberry tequilas, or lime tequilas.

The Mexican Reaction to Flavored Tequila

The reception to flavored tequila has been a bit chillier in Mexico, where the people take their tequila very seriously. The pride of Mexico is 100 percent pure blue agave tequila, which legally is not allowed to be bottled with any type of sugar or flavoring. This premium tequila is as sophisticated and complex as any single malt scotch or cognac.

Mixing tequila with fruity flavoring strikes many Mexicans as an insult, akin to slathering a perfect filet with a bottle of ketchup. However, even in Mexico, coffee tequila, orange tequila, and berry tequila are regularly and profitably sold. These alcoholic beverages are lighthearted and fun, which makes them perfect for many tequila drinks.

For instance, they are often used as a main ingredient in shots. You can find plenty of recipes for funky shots with outrageous names over the Internet, many of which use tequila as their base. These tequilas will never replace premium blue agave in quality or stature, but as long as they're here, you might as well enjoy the fun.

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