Insulated Wine Carriers

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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My favorite wine gifts have got to be insulated wine carriers. They're inexpensive, but they make a great impression. Put a 10 dollar bottle of wine in a 20 dollar tote, and people react like you're giving them a million dollar present. I love that!

Neoprene Insulated Wine Carriers

My favorite insulated wine carriers are these cool wine bags with built-in handles, made out of neoprene. Neoprene is the same material they use to make wetsuits. You can find them for one or two bottles. If you get the two bottle bag, you'll be delighted to find the bottles can't clink when they are in the neoprene.

I have taken to keeping about five of these insulated wine carriers and five decent bottles of wine at the ready. That way, I always have a last minute gift if I need one. It's kind of like having a box or two of pretty greeting cards that are blank inside around the house. When giving gifts or sending cards is convenient, I never have to stress, and I never have to show up empty handed.

A friend of mine is a little fancier about her wine than I am (she's quite a collector) so she prefers insulated carriers with a more elegant style. She's got this fabulous aluminum carrying case that looks amazing. We can bring two bottles to the beach or to shows in the park, and they always stay the perfect temperature.

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