Liquor Sales

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Liquor sales went up about 4 percent in 2003. This put the sale of distilled alcoholic beverages at a little over 40 billion dollars in 2003. The big winners in liquor sales were vodka, tequila, cognac and rum.

Liquor sales were helped by the introduction of many flavored drinks. Bacardi, which had already successfully produced the orange-flavored rum, Bacardi O, introduced berry-flavored Rum Razz, Vanilla, and Coco. Flavored tequilas were also popular sellers. These included coffee-flavored tequila liquors, as well as watermelon, lime, strawberry and others.

Liquor Sales and Liquor Trends

Trends in liquor come and go just as they do in fashion, music and movies. It seems that the dominant hold of retro cocktails like the martini may be slipping at last. A new crop of young people is now legally able to drink in the United States, and this bunch of 22-year olds is not as interested in gimlets and gibsons as were the twenty-somethings before them.

Which cocktail or liquor will be popular next is anyone's guess. Who would have thought hip hop music would do so much to boost the sales of cognac, for instance? Bar owners would be wise to keep a little of everything on hand, while pushing some of their own signature concoctions with two-for-one and happy hour specials.

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