Magic Chef Wine Coolers

Written by Linda Alexander
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While most of us drink our wines soon after we buy them, many of us like to hold onto special occasion bottles. Others belong to mail order wine clubs that deliver several bottles each month, and still others are avid collectors. In the latter cases, a wine cellar is necessary to protect your investment. Anything more than a few bottles will require more than the average wine rack, especially for wines that get better with age.

Protect Your Investment

Unless you protect what can be an investment of thousands of dollars, your wine can be ruined by any number of factors, including extreme temperatures, exposure to UV light, unsettling of sediments, and evaporation or cork shrinkage. Temperature and humidity controlled storage does not have to be very expensive, although it could cost you thousands of dollars. A small wine cooler from a brand like Magic Chef is surprisingly affordable, at about $100-$150.

Before purchasing any wine coolers, whether they’re from Magic Chef or one of the upscale brands, think carefully about your needs. Many collectors underestimate the amount of wine they actually collect, often needing two to three times the space they planned for. Capacity listings on individual models are gross capacities--you may have to do some creative arranging to actually fill your cooler to capacity. Larger or smaller than normal bottles will also alter net capacity.

Think about whether you have children and want to protect your wine cellar with a lock and key, or if a regular door is fine. Do you want custom-designed furniture to fit with your home’s design, or will a standard model be enough for you? If you’re not out to impress guests or match your interior design, chances are a lower-end model will suffice. Be sure that what you buy at least protects your collection from temperature extremes, vibration, too much or too little humidity, light and air.

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