Online Wine Gifts

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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In an ironic twist of fate, the Web has actually made it possible, in this era of Corporate Chain Stores and Mega Marketing Mania, to again wander down the streets of a virtual main street. Small boutique shops have a fighting chance once again to survive and thrive. Even from the relative obscurity of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, anyone with internet access can find, and buy fine Spanish cheeses, robust English teas, succulent Italian prosciutto, and a wide variety of European wines--all with the ease and convenience of clicking a button.

La Petit Boutique de Vin

Small wine merchants are among the greatest finds the Internet has to offer. The perfect online wine shop provides useful product descriptions, and an incredibly thorough knowledge base. Service is typically vastly superior, because each customer is so precious.

Buying wine online from such small companies can turn gift buying into a small pleasure once again. Small shops pay close attention to the products they carry, and often know the histories and qualities of wines much better than one would find in a larger mega-mart. Being internet-based, shipping anywhere in the world is typically no problem at all.

One of the greatest gifts for friends, business associates and loved ones is that of wine. Wine gifts have an inherent sophistication, and impart a halo of style to the giver. Online wine gifts can include single purchases of a particularly stand-out vintage, or monthly club memberships, where the grateful gift receiver can enjoy new hand-selected discoveries on a regular basis.

These "wine memberships" are wonderful both for established vinophiles and those new to the world of wine. For those that are already firm appreciators of the art, discovering a new Chateaux is always delightful. For those curious, but uncertain about what they like, these memberships remove the stress of "flawed choices," and allow would-be appreciators to sample wines that are already certain to please.

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