Personalized Wine Gifts

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Monogrammed picnic backpacks make splendid personalized wine gifts. Of course, backpack coolers can be fairly expensive, so if you are looking for personalized wine gifts that are also rather inexpensive, consider monogrammed wine gift bags. Some of the prettiest of these bags are made of velvet, and they look wonderful when embroidered with initials.

Personalized Wine Gifts with Imagination!

Of course, you can give personalized wine gifts with a bit more imagination than a simple monogram. My uncle gave everyone in our family velvet wine bags for the holidays, embroidered with a line from a poem that my grandfather had particularly loved. We were all much more touched by this line of poetry than we would have been by a mere monogram.

To make a gift like this, you can either buy your wine bags from a vendor who also embroiders, or you can buy the bags, and take them to an embroiderer separately. You can easily find someone to embroider locally. If you have any problem finding a local embroiderer, find one through the Internet, and have the bags shipped to them.

Wine gifts are a wonderfully versatile gift. If you own a company and you plan to give wine bags to clients for the holidays, you can have them embroidered with your company's logo. The same holds true of gifts such as wine coolers, wine charms, and even wine labels.

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