Rum Coolers

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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There are an incredible number of rum coolers. Rum is one of those versatile, chameleon-like alcoholic beverages that tastes good with just about everything. Additionally, rum tastes great in sweeter drinks. Vodka is also frequently used as a base for blending cocktails, though vodka drinks are often a bit more savory and less sweet than rum coolers, daiquiris and the like.

Making Rum Coolers

Making rum coolers or punches can be a very creative process. If it is sweet and yummy, you can probably make a good cooler, punch or cocktail out of it. For instance, a simple combination of soda, lime, rum and apple liqueur makes a very tasty apple cooler.

Try substituting a different flavored liqueur, and you'll wind up with a different flavored cooler. You can use rum to make chocolatey drinks, banana drinks, citrus drinks, minty drinks, creamy drinks and more. Throw rum in with four other white liquors and a spritz of cola, and you'll swear you were drinking iced tea.

Rum sales have been on the rise in the last few years, in part because of the popularity of caipirinhas and mojitos. Mojitos are minty Cuban cocktails. Caipirinhas are tangy Brazilian ones. Both cocktails have caught on in the bigger cities of the U.S. in recent years, and their popularity doesn't look like it's going to wane any time soon.

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