Silver Tequila

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Silver tequila is called plata tequila in Mexico. It is also sometimes called white, or blanco tequila. If you have ever tasted a brand like Cuervo Silver, you have tasted a plata tequila. Unlike reposade or anejo tequilas, silver tequilas have not been aged at all.

Silver Tequila and the Aging Process

Let us examine the aging process of a good tequila. A tequila can be bottled and distributed as soon as it is distilled, with no aging taking place at all. The benefit of bottling a tequila this way is the full, unique flavor of the agave. The drawback is the burn--silver tequilas are not as smooth as aged tequilas.

Reposado tequilas have "rested" in oak or other wooden barrels, for up to a year. The result is a golden color, a smoother finish, and a slightly oaky flavor. Anejo tequilas have been aged even longer than reposado tequilas. They age anywhere from a year to four years. It is rare to find a tequila which has been aged longer, since aging can compromise the distinctive, peppery bite of the agave.

Tequilas can be described as silver, reposado, or anejo, whether they are 100 percent pure blue agave, or mixtos. 100 percent pure tequilas are the best, and will always be identified as being pure agave. Mixtos are mixed with a minimum of 51 percent tequila, and up to 49 percent sugar.

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