Sparkling Wines

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Sparkling wines are just fun. But when is a sparkling not a sparkling wine? When it's fizzy.

Fizzy wines are a separate category from the traditional "sparkling." They are packed with less pressure, so they impart less "pop" when you open the bottle, and they are not given to foaming over the top. They're a little more civilized, a little more restrained.

One of the most charming fizzy wines is Moscato di Asti. Made from the sweet Muscat grape, Moscato di Asti is delicately flavored, and though sweet, not cloyingly so. Moscato di Asti is an excellent alternative to heavy dessert wines, and is a charming accompaniment to fruit and cheese.

Champagne: The Sparkling King

Of course, the most famous wine that goes "pop" is Champagne. This marvelous, giddy, golden wine is the most famous in the world for underscoring momentous occasions. But very few know the simple pleasure of pairing Champagne with smoked salmon on a Tuesday night, or with mushrooms just because. Enjoying the most celebrated wine in history with a simple, homemade meal can elevate the table to understated elegance.

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