Tequila Distributors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Tequila distributors can pat themselves on the back. These distributors have wisely chosen to work with a product, Mexican tequila, which has enjoyed an incredible rise in success over the last two decades. Every year, tequila drinks like margaritas become more and more popular with the American public.

Things looked a bit hairier for tequila distributors a few years ago, when a fungus threatened to destroy the Weber blue agave plant, the source of all tequila. Fortunately, prices have leveled off after a brief period of fungus-induced panic. Tequila distributors in the United States currently enjoy a very amicable relationship with their Mexican distilleries. They also enjoy tremendous and consistent profits.

What Tequila Distributors Know

These distributors wisely recognize what so many others have foolishly ignored--that tequila, particularly 100 percent blue agave tequila, is one of the finest liquors in the world. True connoisseurs frequently compare tequila to the finest single malt scotches or Armagnacs. Sipping premium tequila reveals layers of spice and smoke, pepper and and oak, all with a smooth, warm finish.

Of course, many distributors choose to forego the premium tequilas for less expensive brands. There is a great deal of money to be made distributing mixto tequilas to restaurants, primarily as an ingredient for margaritas. Don't be afraid to dabble with a combination of inexpensive mixtos, and pricier premium tequilas.

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