Velvet Wine Bags

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Velvet wine bags turn the simple gift of a bottle of wine into something truly memorable and special. What's more, the recipients will think of you every time they use their velvet wine bags for hosting their own parties. I gave my mom a bottle of white in one of these wine bags at Thanksgiving, and was happy to see she used it to put another bottle on display at Christmas time.

Velvet Wine Bags for Entertaining

Velvet wine bags can add elegance and glamour to your next party. To be frank, they can also cover up a less than impressive wine label. Boone's Farm has never looked so spectacular! Seriously though, wine bags, along with wine charms, help take a party from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

I think velvet is also perfectly suited for the holidays. The bags I own are all shades of purple and rose--not exactly Christmas colors--but I still think they're ideal for Christmas decorating. They remind me of Christmas stockings, in a way. Plus, they wear beautifully from year to year.

Wine gifts of all kinds make ideal business gifts, as well as personal gifts. My aunt owns her own business, and she gave wine backpacks to some of her favorite clients last year. They absolutely loved them. The packs weren't the cheapest corporate gifts ever, but I'm sure they were well worth it for the impression she created and the loyalty she engendered.

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