Virginia Peanuts

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There are few more fitting complements to a freshly poured pint than a dish of Virginia peanuts. Aside from the mess created by discarded shells, peanuts are the perfect snack. Their salt content makes a great counterpoint to the "hoppiness" and acidity of a worthy beer, while all the shell-cracking and skin-peeling is enough work to slow your drinking to a reasonable pace--one that might take you through an entire football game as opposed to merely the first half.

Above that, Virginia peanuts and a fresh brew are much better for you than candy and soda. In moderation, peanuts are a healthful snack; while they're certainly loaded with fat, it's unsaturated fat, not the artery-clogging transfats of modified and partially hydrogenated oils. Better still, peanuts are rich in protein, so gym rats have a fine excuse for polishing off the occasional bucket or two.

Varieties of Virginia Peanuts

Best of all, Virginia peanuts come in an abundance of flavors and styles including salted, unsalted, "redskin," and pretzel-pocket. The last of these, which boasts creamy peanut butter inside miniature pretzel cases, are ideal for those fence-sitters who can't decide between their two favorite munchies. These snacks are far superior to pretzel-infused peanuts, an experimental concept that ran smack into the brick wall of common sense, even if many considered the idea a visionary one.

Virginia gourmet peanuts also make a great gift around the holidays, such as the beginning of baseball, football, basketball, and hockey seasons. Order them online through specialty confection stores or your favorite home beer brewing site. Most companies offer peanut tins in a range of sizes and canisters as well as seasonal flavors. Of course, you can always just stock up for yourself or your family, even if your favorite sport's preseason or training camp is still months off.

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